Google Chrome OS Impact on Windows

Published Thursday, July 9, 2009 1:32 PM

So Google announced they have been developing an operating system that will be lightweight and run on Linux. They have also said they are going to make it Web-centric with application that run on the web rather than on your computer. This will make the operating system really lightweight and will not require substantial hardware to run. Google is going to be targeting netbooks to deploy their OS because most netbooks don’t have much space or processor speed and they could benefit from a lightweight OS with a Web-centric ideal.

So how is this going to impact the big bad Microsoft and their oversized, hardware heavy Windows OS. People are starting to say that Google is going to be the first to really pose a threat to the Windows OS. You might not see it for 10 years but analysts are saying that the web-centric based OS may be the way of the future and if Windows doesn’t get moving on a new more web-centric lightweight OS they could ne in trouble.

I am not sure how I feel about this. I don’t think Microsoft is going anywhere anytime soon. I think that web-based applications are great because they will save space and processing power on your computer, but on the other hand without Internet you will not be able to do anything. If all your applications run on the Internet and you loose Internet, you are unable to access your applications, which renders your computer useless. Unless you have all the apps on the computer anyways just incase you don’t have an Internet connection. This of course would defeat part of the purpose of web-based applications, the fact you don’t have to store them on your computer.  

I think it’s great that Google is coming out with it’s own OS. I think it might spur Microsoft to build a better windows for a better web-centric computing experience. This is why competition is good, it encourages companies to design better products that will benefit the general public.

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