Apple Face Detection and Video Chat Rumors

Published Thursday, July 9, 2009 3:08 PM

Apple has applied for some new patents recently that have brought up some interesting questions. Apple rumors are not always true. They are almost always half-truths to what actually comes out in the end. When the touch patents came out people thought they were going to release a tablet but in the end it was an iphone and other protects using the multi touch features. This is to say don’t believe everything you hear but keep an eye out for what is to come.  

Face Detection  

The first series of patents implies apple is going to incorporate face detection into the Mac OS. The face detection system will use your built in isight camera to analyze the user for different purposes. Face detection has a couple applications that will make using your Mac a little easier. One of the perceived applications is to detect when someone is in front of the screen. This would prevent the screen saver for example from starting when you are sitting in from of the computer. Another perceived application for the face detection is for authentication. Instead of entering the admin password to authenticate you have the authority to perform an action the built in isight camera will verify you are the admin and will unlock the restricted action.

Video Chat Improvements

Another set of patents show a very unusual illumination system that will retract into the housing of an iMac. The lights will be controlled by the computer to offer an optimal level of lighting for the exposure of the camera. This will improve the appearance of shadows, white balance adjustment, colored ambient light, and high dynamic range imagery of the insight camera. It looks kind of goofy to me. It looks like ears on the side of the computer. It would be pretty awesome to have lights for video conferencing however.

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