How to Mount SSH and FTP File Systems on Your Desktop Mac OS X

Published Monday, April 27, 2009 4:12 PM


Okay the other day I was wondering if it was possible to mount a SSH file system on your desktop. I know that the Mac finder can mount FTP file systems already but it can’t mount SSH.


Why would you want to do this? Well it’s convenient to have your remote SSH files mounted right there on your desktop and right next to your local files. Plus you don’t have to use an ftp/ssh transfer program.  

How do you mount SSH file system on your desktop?

Well it’s really a two step process. First you have to go here and download macfuse. MacFUSE allows you to extend Mac OS X's native file handling capabilities via 3rd-party file systems. Which sounds good and dandy but what that means is that it will allow you to mount your SSH. :) .



Now all you need is a GUI (graphic user interface). Well macfuse stopped offering their GUI but luckily someone else came out with one. And it’s called Macfusion, which can be found here . Download their app and install it by dropping the .app file into your application folder. After launching it you would should get a nice little window that allows you to add your SSH or ftp serves.

All you have to do is hit the little plus button to the lower left and enter the server information. I would suggest also enabling the vnode cache option as well. This will make your file browsing much faster.  

Tips and tricks
It will be a good idea to allow the macfusion app to run its services at startup that way you can always connect if you want to. Also activate the menu bar option from the preferences. This allows you quick access to your remote files. You can also change the icons of the mounted drives in the edit options. This makes the mounted remote file systems look all nice and pretty.

Sometimes you have to logout and then back in to get the changes to apply. You also have to log in and out to get the menu bar option to show up when you first turn it on.

If you go into the edit options you can turn on the vnode cache option this will allow you to browser your files faster. When you enable this mode it will make a huge difference.


Okay well I hope you have enjoyed my little tutorial leave me a comment if this helped you. If you have any questions you would like me to answer drop me a line. :)

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