Jumpcut - Application for Mac OSX - It's like having 100 clipboards

Published Monday, February 9, 2009 4:59 PM

Do you ever wish you could just copy and paste more than one thing onto your clipboard. That would be great wouldn't it? You could copy a bunch of stuff and then paste parts of it or all of it onto another document. I don't know about you but I on many occasions have copied something to the clipboard and then over written it with something else and lost the previous item. This drives me crazy wouldn't it be nice to know that you could go back and find the stuff you copied 10 or 20 copy and pastes ago.

 With Jumpcut for Mac OSX you can do just that. Tell jumpcut how many copies to remember and it will allow you to pull up your last however many you want. It's great for saving bits of code or information from webpages and you never have to worry about loosing them. 

 This application is so small and lightweight it won't slow your computer and can be very helpful. Here is a screen shot of the menu that you can pull up to select the snippets that you copied. 

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