New Google Latitude is it Scary or Awesome?

Published Wednesday, February 4, 2009 3:19 PM

So I just heard about a new Google product called Latitude. Latitude will show you where your friends are on Google maps as well as on your mobile phone. This might sound scary, especially for Google conspiracy theorist, to have someone like google being able to track you as you move around the world, however this is not the first application of it’s kind. 

 Back when the iphone came out there was an application called Loopt some of you remember it and it was supposed to do the same thing. Tell you where your friends are. Well it did what it said it did but the thing that was lame about it was you had to open the application and update your status if you wanted the information to be up to date.

This is, my book, is dumb I want an application that doesn’t require me to update my location at all. The only way an application like that is going to be successful is if everyone uses it and updates on a regular bases.

This will eventually never happen therefore rendering the application useless. So is Google latitude going to update you location automatically because if it does that would be awesome if not it’s just like Loopt and will be annoying to use.

Here is the intro video!



Okay so in the video one of the privacy settings says update my location automatically. So does this mean it updates it automatically when the application is open or what? I don't know I guess I'll just have to wait till they release it for the iPhone.


This still doesn't answer my question!


Learn more about Google Latitude at (Link

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