Quick and Easy Mail lists on Mac OSX

Published Monday, December 29, 2008 4:55 PM
Making good use of mailing lists can save you time and can prevent you from leaving people out. Some mailing lists are simply an e-mail address that then forwards the e-mail to other people on the list. The mail list feature on Macs is a little bit simpler.

 In order to create a simple mailing list on a Mac all you have to do is open you address book and create a new group. Make the name of the group something descriptive to describe the mail list. If you want to make a mailing list of all your family members then just call it family. Once you have created the new group and named it now all you have to do is drag and drop the contacts that you want in the mail list.

 To use the mailing list all you have to do is start a new e-mail and in the to:  box start to type the name of the group you created. It will auto fill just like the other contacts would. When you have selected the mailing list just hit enter and all the contacts in the mailing list will be added to the message.

 This is great if you send e-mails so several people often. Makes sending e-mails to large groups of people a breeze.

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