Blind Woman Gets Threatened Over a 1 cent Bill

Published Tuesday, November 18, 2008 3:17 PM

    I wrote a post a while ago about my wife who got a bill for 37 cents from her old apartment complex. I thought that was really funny that they would send a bill that cost them money to send. This story that I read was even more ridiculous.

    I blind woman from Attleboro, MA received a bill from the utility company for 1 cent and when she didn’t pay it they threatened to place a lien of $48 on her next property tax bill. The city does send out bills before sending out lien notices, but the woman has to have someone come over to read her mail because she’s blind.
    The city says that the computer prints all the outstanding bills and it would not be cost effective to pay people to sort through them and find ones not to send, which I agree with and makes since to me.

    I think that the situation is kind of ridiculous but at the same time I understand that a bill is a bill and you can’t refuse to pay a bill just because it’s only for 1 cent. If it was me in this situation I would just pay the bill but think it was ridiculous at the same time.
    I guess the parties involved expected after they made such a big deal about it that the city would retract the charge but they are not going to. I don’t think that they should either a bill is a bill. If they want to charge you for something and you owe it to them then just pay it.

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