Netflix coming to xBox Live Gold members for free

Published Tuesday, October 21, 2008 5:25 PM


    So it shouldn't be long before Netflix releases there instant watch to Xbox Gold members. This new relationship between Netflix and Xbox will allow Xbox Gold members to stream and watch instantly all the content on the netflix's instant watch section of their website. This will be great for the Xbox gold members that don't have Netflix.

    Apparently you don't have to have a Netflix subscription to get the instant watch. If you a Silver Member it means that you can't play the multi-player games online but you can get to all the market place features. The Silver membership is free so thats why you don't get the instant watch.

     The xbox will be the first console gaming system that will be able to stream that many of movies over the internet for its uses. I think that xbox will find that its sales of the Gold membership will increase after the release of the software. The software will show up as a software update for your xbox so it should download automatically.

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