Does a bad economy make people more healthy?

Published Tuesday, October 7, 2008 10:57 AM


    I was reading a really interesting article in the New York Times today about the how when the Economy goes into a recession that the over all heath of people gets better. I know that it sounds a little backwards if you think about it. If you have a booming economy people tend not to exorcise as much and tend not to cook for themselves and depend on fatty meals from restaurants. They tend not to do these things because of the time constraints of work.

    When the economy gets bad people tend to take notice of time and spend it better. Its not that people have more time in times of economic crisis just that they don't take it for granted like they did when the Economy was better. The article in the New York Times compared it to the coffee prices in Colombia. When the price of coffee goes up people start working harder and spending more time tending to their plants. Where as when the price is down people tend to spend less time with the plants and crop and focus more on their kids and themselves. The article also made the point that the death rate actually went up during good economic time and down during times of bad times. Which is the opposite than what you would think.

    I think that its interesting that even in times of crisis that something good can come out of it. I think that everyone needs to stop for a second and think what is really important to them. Does having a lot of money really make you happy? Is it times of financial crisis that people try and find something else to trust in and make them feel complete. May it be money of getting yourself healthy and in shape again is that what people need to feel better about themselves. I think that people in financial crisis can't feel secure in their money so they seek to feel secure in something, and because they can't afford to drink anymore perhaps they will concentrate on more important things than money.

Thats the way that I see it.


heres the article:



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