Are Macs going to be the next big gaming machines?

Published Wednesday, September 17, 2008 9:22 AM

    I know it sounds stupid but think about it a couple of years ago there were no major titles for your mac, and now EA Games and others have started to make some major titles for the mac including battlestations midway, Age of Empires III, Guitar Hero III and Spore. On apples website they have a least 80 titles that are mainstream not any of this 1990 gaming crap.

    Okay well other than the Games the computer as you may have noticed are more and more becoming very good gaming machines. They are getting fast and as one blog that I read pointed out they now put pretty high end graphics cards in their newer computer.  Macs also have awesome screens that have great color and resolution. The macs of course have the intel processor chip rather than the power-PC chip of yesteryear. Because of this I can already run most PC games on the virtual machine and they run really well. My wife can run The Sims 2 with an extension pack on my mac on the virtual machine.

    I have been playing Spore on my mac and the game play is great and looks great on my 24" iMac. I think that macs are going to be the preferred gaming machine of the future. I know that sounds dumb now since Macs have always been so far behind in the gaming market. If you would of told me a couple of years ago that macs would be able to run windows virtually and natively i would of told you that you were crazy. So I can see how this could become reality. For now I am going to continue to game on my mac and hope for the best.



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