Window's Mojave Experiment - Microsoft tricked people into saying they liked vista

Published Tuesday, September 16, 2008 9:43 AM

The new version of windows is out yawwww NO not really. Microsoft started a new campaign called the Mojave experiment. They took people off the street that had never seen vista in action and showed them vista but called it Mojave, saying that it was the new windows operating system. Well I don't think that this commercial and website is going to convince anyone. It has been proven that people that don't know what they are talking about will say whatever you want. The mojave experiment reminds me of the pizza hut commercials where they trick people in the restaurants into eating their new pasta. People are dumb they will say anything is good if you stick a camera in their face. One of the participants in windows experiments said that the people giving vista a bad name probably haven't used it before or don't know that much about it. I could not disagree more Vista got a bad name by the people who payed a lot of money for it and used it. Vista was ridiculed by the computer world. People who know what makes a good operating system and are not fooled by cheap tricks, bells and whistles. These are the people who are passing judgment. That is how Vista got a bad name. I don't think that dumb end-users that could be fooled by the Mojave experiment are going to change the minds of the people that know more about computers and vista. I think that Microsoft should launch a campaign to make vista better that way it will be accepted in the computer world and people will like it. Thats what I think.

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