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The Real Truth

Government testing on general population?

Do you remember the past occurrence of the government testing syphilis on hundreds of men? Do you believe the government has given up there experimental testing of drugs on the poorer demographic of American society? Of course not. Those who can not afford private health care and are forced to get tested at places like free clinics run the risk of being, given experimental new drugs, injected with viruses or anti-viruses, and having chips inserted into your body. Think it is impossible? Recently a couple of friends of mine went in for a free test of all STIs and all came back negative; however, the government run free clinic gave doxycycline to perfectly healthy people. Here in Tallahassee it has been a norm for free clinic visitors to get a bottle of doxycycline, as I discovered from many other acquaintances. The question I pose is; is that doxycycline or some other experimental drug labeled as doxycycline. All I can say for sure is watch the government physicians as they poke, probe and prod your body, because the government has used the general public as lab rats before and that is "The Real Truth."

Published Aug 24 2006, 02:25 PM by archive
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