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U.K. and U.S. Bomb scam

The U.K. discovers the bomb on 9 planes heading towards the United States and some other United Kingdom destinations. The after shock of this near fatal plot has been the banning of some carry on. A week later, while CNBC, A reporter debriefing the country on the weekly activity of defense stocks, reported that defense stocks, even though on a consistent rise, has made a jump. In addition new security equipment is now being installed in air ports to prevent future issues. As I previously stated in my post "The Middle East Unveiled" follow the money. New standardized technology means billions for companies and their investors. One thing about new technology is that it takes years to pass and approve through its different channels. Now if we look at the time frame, one week is not enough time to design and have new security technology approve. What this means is that this new technology had to have been created years before the U.K. bomb event. With all this information in front of us how hard is it to believe that this group of "terrorist" was not hired by investors with deep pockets and governmental ties. Sure they'll go to jail for a couple years but eventually they will be out on parole for good before were they will receive they small fortune for creating the massive scare and panic that would allow the new airport security technology to be past, meaning billions for investors. Nothing in this world is coincidental. The terrorist plan to blow up 9 plans heading towards the United States and the United Kingdom has actually been an elaborate scam to make money on new air port security technology and that is "The Real Truth."

Published Aug 14 2006, 02:51 PM by archive
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