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Middle East Unveiled

Why are we in Iraq? Is it for oil? Is it because of the great terrorist threat that exists? No, the reason the United States has taken up extended residency in Iraq is because of money. Money is the driving force of every political event on this earth. The United States liberates Iraq, a country who's value far out ways any other in the world. Their dollar estimated to be valued at $3.40 more than the US dollar. And how is it that the US plans to benefit from this. Well seeing how New Iraqi Dinar, which is also backed by other European nations and the US, is worth less than a penny now. All America has to do is secure billions of the paper money to gain trillions upon revaluing, all money that will end up being unaccounted for. The real question is what will be done with this money? Understand that a gigantic chess game is being played and the rest of the world is blind to the board, we just experience the moves of the rooks while the slight pawn moves go unnoticed. America is just being used as the King in this cosmic chess game. Have you ever noticed how many Special Forces officers die from training accidents? That is because they are sent on secret missions that are extremely dangerous. Why are they on these missions? Well they wouldn't be secret if we knew that. I pose this question, who are the real players controlling the chess pieces? That is a Truth for another day. Just know that money is the real reason for all the violence in the Middle East and that is the Real Truth.

Published Aug 09 2006, 07:15 PM by archive
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