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The Real Truth

We are not alone.

It is ignorant to believe that in this vast universe that we are the only life forms. Perhaps the general public just doesn't understand how vast the universe really is. Well let me lend a hand in explaining. Earth is in a galaxy at the tail of a string of galaxies being pushed further and further away from the center of an ever expanding center. Now with that said, is it possible that we have been visited by aliens before that may find it now impossible to relocate or planet or galaxy as it is pushed across the universe at light speed. Well Some scientist, who shall remain nameless, believe that the beginning stages of or life and evolution were altered by technologically advanced beings. What does technologically advanced really mean. Well considering that the rest of the universe is billions of years older than earth then the "technologically advanced" beings may have had a little time to create advanced technology, at least by our standards. Some archeologists have found drawings in the Egyptian temples of electrical type plugs that produce light and creatures that appear not to be human. Some, still nameless, scientist believe that these aliens evolved man from their Neanderthal days through experimentation. Whatever you believe matters not because we are not alone in this universe. Our last space mission to Mars confirmed other living organisms in the form of bacteria. If life is on a barren planet like Mars, just imagine what is on the other thousands or billions of planets in the vast and ever expanding universe that we know nothing about. We are not alone and that is "The Real Truth."

Published Aug 07 2006, 01:55 PM by archive
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