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5 Ways to Live Longer and Healthier

One of these 5 ideas could help drive your games with the Grim Reaper into overtime. 

Live in High Altitudes

 A study in Switzerland shows that people who live at high altitudes had a 22 percent lower risk of dying of coronary heart disease.

Although no one is positive, it is believed that because of the extra UVA exposure (more vitamin D) people who live higher up have less disposer to bone disorders and heart heart disease. It's said that 77 percent of Americans have a D deficiency.

One way to get around moving to the mountains is to eat more D-rich foods (such as seafood) or take vitamin D3 supplements. 

Long Lasting Relationships

Friendships, community involvement, and family. Adults with strong relationships like these lived an average of 3.7 years longer than the normal U.S. life expectancy.

This social support is linked to a better functioning immune and with these meaningful bonds in your life you're likely to take fewer risks that endanger those worthwhile to you.

Take those close to you and take them out to a nice event. If something fun comes up get the gang together and make those connections!

Brush Your Teeth

We all know we should, but how often and what are the benefits? A study done in the U.K. showed that those who brush less than twice a day had a 70 percent higher risk of death or hospitalization from heart disease than those who brush three times or more! That's an insane percentage.

The reason for that high number is clear when you think about how oral bacteria can enter your bloodstream at possibly trigger plague buildup in your arteries. Your mouth is a direct passage into your body, we need to make sure it's clean.

Brushing and flossing remove bacteria. To make extra sure that your mouth is sparkling clean, get some mouth wash and gargle daily.

Have Clean Air

A study in New England Journal of Medicine discovered that people who live in cities with cleaner air quality live a few months to a year longer than average. 

If you could see the air your breathe, you would see micro-pollutants than can trigger inflammatory reactions which can contribute to cardiovascular disease.

One little thing you can do without having to move is to take walks or jogs on trails instead of sidewalks or streets. Streets tend to have more air pollution from passing vehicles and when your breathing increases your inhalation of these toxins does as well. 

Accept Your Age

How old are you? "... 29"

Germany conducted a study asking different people how they felt about their age. those who were happy with their age lived an average of 2 years longer than people who were embarrassed or bothered by it.

Denial of your age and Acceptance of your age is directly related to healthy behaviors.

As you age, you tend to compare yourself with yourself when you were younger. This will often times lead to disappointment. Instead, try to focus on your contemporaries. You might find that people are worse off or, in a positive light, others will be inspirations.

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