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The Marginalization Of Classical Recordings At The Grammy Awards

  I didn't see last Sunday's Grammy Awards on television last Sunday as I was busy with other matters .  But as a classical musician I'm always

curious to  find out the winners in the classical recordings category .  Among these were a recent CD of  the atmospheric orchestral piece 

"City Noir "  , which  evokes the dark and seemy film noir underworld of  Los Angeles , with David Robertson and  the St Louis  

symphony , and "Become Ocean ,  " by John Luther Adams (no relation ) , which seeks to  portray a world   in which global warming has caused

sea levels to cover the earth , with Ludovic Morlot and the Seattle symphony .  

    The venerable if  highly controversial French  composer and conductor  Pierre Boulez, who turns 90 in March and who has won a number 

of Grammy awards , received a lifetime achievement award  for his  long and distinguished career .

   But unfortunately , these classical Grammy awards rceived short shrift   on television .  They apparently did not even appear  on the show

as they had  many times in the past and were announced  off air before the show .  The days when  the classical awards actually  

appeared on the show and were announced by  renowned classical musicians seem to be gone .  This appears to be  part of the  

overall marginalization of classical music in America .  Decades ago , renowned classical musicians such as Leonard Bernstein and others

actually appeared on the cover of  Time magazine ; today , this would be extremely unlikely .  
   How and why did this happen ?  There are no clear cut answers .  Those in charge in the Grammy awards  and television executives  

seem to think that classical music just doesn't sell in America .  Is there any way to reverse this  pernicious trend  and   make classical

music more visible to the overall public in America ?  Who knows ? But we've got to hope so .  


Posted: Feb 12 2015, 10:14 PM by the horn | with no comments
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