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The Controversy Over Period Instrument Fanaticism Has Died Down At Musoc.Org

  There has been no new response to  the whole "Christopher Hogwash " argument  for  some time now at .  It seems that both John Boyden and his son Matthew have vented their anger and the temper
tantrums are over . But I will continue in my attempts to expose  the arrogance  and snootiness of  musicians
and others who  think that period instruments are the only way , especially those who insist on pushing the
whole HIP movement  further and further and further into the 20th century and to  belittle  and dismiss
musicians and orchestras who do not use period instruments .

   Do we really have a desperate need for  performances of the music of  Mahler, Richard Strauss ,
Gustav Holst, Elgar, and other  composers who  lived in the 20th century ? I think not .  If  orchestras
such as the New Queen's Hall  orchestra exist , so be it .  Let them perform  and make recordings by all
means .  But to use orchestras like this as a stick with which to bash  orchestras as great as the London
symphony ,  New York Philharmonic , Berlin Philharmonic and others is the height of arrogance and
presumption . 

   There are other orchestras , such as  John Eliot Gardiner's  Orchestre Revolutionaire & Romantique ,
the  Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment  etc, which specialize in  the music of  Mozart,Haydn,
Beethoven , Berlioz and Schubert etc ,  music from the 18th and early 19th century , but these do not in any  way invalidate  the performances of  the great mainstream orchestras of  Vienna, Berlin,
New York,Chicago, Amsterdam , London, Paris and other great musical centers . 

   By the way ; some one should remind  Matthew Boyden's mother to  give him a  thorough
spanking . He's been a very naughty and rude little boy , and needs to learn some manners !
Posted: Jan 06 2012, 06:21 PM by the horn | with no comments
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