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The Controversy Continues At With Ad Hominem Attacks Against Me

  Matthew Boyden is getting really nasty at .  He responded to my latest letter  with really
scurrilous accusations against me because I had the nerve to question the necessity of the New Queen's Hall orchestra .
   He accuses me of "stupidity","ignorance" , and even of "lacking formal education",  which is rather odd given the fact that I have so many years of formal study of classical music with so many well-known musicians and4
scholars .  He even accused me of wearing dirty boxer shorts". which I've never done.

   According to Mr. Boyden , I'm "anti-intellectual ".   He rehashes the same old questionable  claims about
the excessive loudness of today's brass sections in orchestras ,  calling them "loud, aggressive and homogenous".  Well, if you're playing the grim and violent music of Dmitri Shostakovich , (19056-1975),aggressiveness is
exactly what is called for ! 

  It may very well be that the older brass instruments were not as loud ,  but the fact remains that if you attend a concert and the brass seems to loud to you, it's probably the conductor's fault, not the players .  Balancing the different sections of the orchestra is one of the conductor's most important jobs , and  being human and'
fallible , they aren't always successful in this .  The different acoustics of different concert halls are also a factor here . While the New Queen's Hall orchestra in London claims to "correct" these balance problems and  recreate the sound of the music say, 80 to 100 years ago or so, I'm sure there were balance problems even back then.

   Written evidence shows that great composers of the past such as Wagner,Mahler ,Berlioz and others were often very frustrated with the technical and musical inadequacies of the orchestras they conducted or heard play.  HIP musicians never seem to learn .
Posted: Dec 06 2011, 07:55 PM by the horn | with no comments
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