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Stop Putting Words In The Mouths Of Long Dead Composers !

   This is for such individuals as John and Matthew Boyden , Roger Norrington , John Eliot Gardiner,
and other musicians who are involved in     Historically Informed performance ".
Why do you continue to in effect put words in the mouths of long dead composers ? How dare you have the arrogance and presumption to claim that you and only you know exactly what great composers such as Bach,Handel,Mozart,Beethoven, Wagner, Berlioz, and even Richard Strauss wanted , and that you and you alone are reproducing exactly what they wanted , and that other musicians who do not  use period instruments, or replicas thereof , are ignorant  fools who  cling  to their "wrong" ways of performing the music of the past ?
   It's all well and good for you to follow the latest research on performance practice and to use period instruments .  But remember - there is no one absolutely right way to perform the music of any composer ,
and we have absolutely no way of knowing what  the composers of the past would or would not have approved of when it comes to performing their music . 

   I don't  condemn any of you merely for using period instruments .  But I do condemn you for your arrogance ,
smugness and  your condescending attitude  toward  musicians who fail to be as  "authentic" as you are .
Posted: Dec 04 2011, 12:29 PM by the horn | with no comments
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