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African- Americans And Classical Music - A Vexed Question

   Critic, composer and  blogger Greg Sandow has an interesting  discussion of why more African-Americans aren't involved in classical music today on his blog , and it's also being discussed on his Facebook page . 

  Although classical music is not very popular among blacks in America , black classical musicians have made a great contribution to it as perfomers , particularly opera singers .  Leontyne Price ,
the late Shirley Verret , Grace Bumbry ,Reri Grist , Simon Estes ,  Willard White ,  Denyce Graves,
Marian Anderson  and others are among the greatest names in opera and  the concert hall  in the 20th century .  James De Preist ,nephew of Anderson , is an eminent conductor who has appeared with virtually all the world's greatest orchestras for decades with great success , and  there are quite a few other  outstanding  black classical musicians, too many to name here.

   William Grant Still  was one of the first blacks in America to become known as a classical composer ,and was born in 1895 , and  George Walker ,born in 1922 , is a Pulitzer-prize-winning composer who taught at Princeton for many years . 

   But only about 1 per cent of  the musicians in  America's orchestras  are black .  However, this is not the  fault of the orchestras, because very few blacks have aimed for careers in orchestras and gone through the years of rigorous training necessary for a  career here .  Auditions for these orchestras are held behind a screen , and each applicant is given a number to ensure absolute anonymity , so there is no chance of discrimination on the basis of race or gender .   The audition committees , members of the orchestras who
judge the applicants at auditions, are not interested in a musician's skin color .The only thing that matters is how you play.

   African-Americans are also not a common sight at concerts and opera ? Why ?  There are at least two reasons .  Very few of them are exposed to it when young , so few of them
realize how enjoyable it is .  In addition , there is the unfortunate misconception that
classical music is an "elitist" and snobbish  kind of music which is only for the rich and snobbish . 

   But did great composers such as Beethoven , Brahms, Mozart, Tchaikovsky and Stravinsky etc conciously write their music only for people who happen to be white ?
Or do living ones such as John Adams, Philip Glass,  Elliott Carter,  and others  do this
today ? Of course not . Composers are delighted  if any one listens to their music , and at
least tries to keep an open mind .

   Jazz , which some have called "America's classical music " ,  had its origins in the
traditions of African-American vernacular music , yet is  avidly listened  to by countless
people all over the world .  Europe has produced many important Jazz musicians and there
are Jazz festivals all over Europe .  The late Michael Jackson was enormously popular all
over  the world , and  toured  the globe .

   So why should only people who happen to be white listen to classical music ? 
 It has been popular in Asia for many years ,  and  is growing  by leaps and bounds in China.
 Tokyo has more symphony orchestras than New York ,Chicago , or other major U.S.
cities.  Asian musicians such as Lang Lang , Mitsuko Uchida and others  are world famous,
and  virtually  all of  the top U.S. orchestras have many Asian-American or Asian-born
members , mostly string players .  The New York Philharmonic alone has no fewer than eight  musicians from South  Korea , and others from Japan and China . Top U.S. music schools such as Juilliard , the Curtis Institute in Philadelphia,  the New England Conservatory in Boston and elsewhere are full of  talented aspiring  young virtuosos.

   If more African-Americans would just give classical music a chance , they might decide
to make it a part of their lives .  There's no reason why they should not.

Posted: Jun 10 2011, 04:08 PM by the horn | with no comments
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