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The New York Philharmonic Finally Has A New Principal Clarinettist

  It took about two years , but the New York Philharmonic has finally chosen a  clarinettist to succeed the legendary Stanley Drucker ,who reitred  at the end of the 2008-09  season at the age of about 80 after an astonishing 60 years or so in this key orchestra position .

  The new  man on the job is  Ricardo Morales , who has been principal clarinet of the now financially toubled Philadelphia orchestra for some time, after having served in the same position in the Metropolitan opera orchestra . 

  No candidate was chosen in the  long and difficult audition process , so the Philharmonic decided to invite a number of  leading clarinettists from other top American orchestras to play as guests at concerts .  The orchestra's associate principal  clarinettist had been serving as acting principal for some time.   Associate principal  woodwind players divide the work of the principal  at concerts  and play other  positions  in addition . 

   Normally , a  winner is chosen at the auditions ,  which are held  with  a  group of musicians from the orchestra  called the audition committe .  The auditions are  held in preliminaries and finals  , with only a handful of  applicants surviving to the finals , and the music director ,who is the chief conductor  of the orchestra , joins the committee in the finals to decide .  Check an earlier  post of mine called "How Do You Get A Job In A Symphony Orchestra?" for more details  on the audition process . 

   Morales will officially take over  in  the 2012-2113 season ,but is expected to  spend some time with the orchestra before this.  He leaves the Philadelphia orchestra with the task of finding  a new principal clarinettist  at a very difficult time for the orchestra .  Let's all wish him the best in  his demanding new job .
Posted: Apr 30 2011, 05:54 PM by the horn | with no comments
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