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Philadelphia Orchestra To Begin Broadcasting Its Concerts In Movie Theaters Around The Country

  In 2006, the Metropolitan Opera began its acclaimed High Definition broadcasts of some of its live performances in movie theaters around America , and soon opera companies in Europe began doing so in Europe. There were skeptical voices at first predicting that this would never take off , but they were soon proved wrong.

  Now, the world-famous Philadelphia orchestra is planning to offer some of its live concerts to the public in movie theaters . Will this be as successful as it has been in opera? Will more US orchestra take up this trend ?  Only time will tell, but this could potentially be a shot in the arm for America's great but troubled symphony orchestras .

 Of course, the visual element is far less important in orchestral concerts compared to opera .  But it's always interesting to observe conductors and individual musicians in closeups during concerts .  And we must all hope that these broadcasts will encourage more people to attend live concerts whenever possible . 

 And we must all hope that these broadcast concerts will bring much-needed financial benefit to our orchestras , which are struggling for sources of financial help,unlike those of Europe ,which take generous government subsidies for granted. 

  The great Berlin Philharmonic will also begin similar broadcasts in Europe with its opening night concert under its British music director Sir Simon Rattle . The BPO has its own virtual concert hall on the internet ,and you can find out about this at its website,which is also available in English. 


Posted: Aug 21 2010, 09:12 AM by the horn | with no comments
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