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I Love Green Eggs and Ham...
25 January 10 04:02 PM | RebeccaL | with no comments
Oobleck, Grinches and fish red and blue...and how to get to Solla Sollew. Dr. Suess is more than an author. With his vast assortment of books that fit the need of almost any child, whether it is a child with articulation difficulties that needs to practice...
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Important Information To Leave or the Babysitter
19 January 10 05:48 PM | RebeccaL | with no comments
The weekend is finally here and you've called your babysitter and are looking forwards to a night out without the kids. Sure you have your cellphone with you in case the sitter needs to get in touch with you and you've written down some other...
Puppies Behind Bars
12 January 10 05:55 PM | RebeccaL | with no comments
Has your child ever asked you for a puppy? They are so cute and cuddly that we all can understand why a child would want one. Having a dog can bring so much fun and joy into our lives but they also require a lot of time and patience amongst other things...
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Daddy's Little Girl
03 January 10 03:48 PM | RebeccaL | with no comments
It is in most women's nature to nurture; however for men this nurturing side may not come as easily. Sometimes fathers are not sure what to do with their children, especially when they have a daughter. Sure with a son it's different because boys...
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Things To Do In The Car
13 December 09 12:17 PM | RebeccaL | with no comments
It's holiday time again which may mean long drives to see family or friends. During these longs drives your built-in or portable DVD player comes in handy to distract your children. Although a great invention and it's nice for your child to have...
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