I Love Green Eggs and Ham...

Published 25 January 10 04:02 PM | RebeccaL

Oobleck, Grinches and fish red and blue...and how to get to Solla Sollew. Dr. Suess is more than an author. With his vast assortment of books that fit the need of almost any child, whether it is a child with articulation difficulties that needs to practice the /s/ sound, or children learning opposites, basic concepts, or about troubles that life brings, the collection of Dr. Suess books is what you need to teach your children while keeping them (and you) entertained.
Have some fun in Seussville at: seussville.com

Hungry caterpillars, busy spiders and brown bears are just some of the exciting characters that Eric Carle brings to life in his books which do more than just entertain. They are amazing for language development offering children the opportunity to learn sequencing, counting, colors, animal sounds, etc. In addition, the repetition of sentences provides the necessary reinforcement needed when young children are learning new things and allows them the opportunity to join in the story. You can find a list of his books and more at Eric Carle's website.

With a big push on literacy... even in young ones, you can help prepare your child at home by reading to your child every day and exposing them to books, starting at a young age. Children as early as 18 months have the ability to point to pictures of objects you name in books. From 2 1/2 to 3 years old, your child can talk about the pictures s/he sees, remember some of the story and retell it while looking at the pages and learn so much about so many different things thanks to their interest in books at this age.

So whether it's with a fox, or in a box, with a mouse, or in the house, on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday, grab a book and read with your child! You may have more fun than you thought you would.

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