Daddy's Little Girl

Published 03 January 10 03:48 PM | RebeccaL

It is in most women's nature to nurture; however for men this nurturing side may not come as easily. Sometimes fathers are not sure what to do with their children, especially when they have a daughter. Sure with a son it's different because boys will be boys no matter what age, so it may be easier for a father to relate to a son. But what do you do with a daughter? Play toy soldiers? Maybe. Play with cars? Eh.. not so much. Chances are she's more interested in her dolls and girlie things. You don't have to play Barbies with your little girl, but it's important to engage in some sort of play with her.

Fathers play a very valuable and significant role in the lives of their children. Remember that sometimes it doesn't matter what you are doing with your daughter; she is simply happy to get attention from you and spend time with you. I used to play catch with my father and although he used to tell me I threw like a girl (and yes I happen to be a girl) I loved every minute of my time spent with him. He balanced out the things I learned from my mother. My father taught me how to measure twice and cut once when we built shelves together, how to spackle, use a power drill, and how to catch a grounder and fly ball. These activities were so enjoyable for me, because I was spending time with my father & getting to do things he does.

If you are not quite sure what to do with your daughter, here are some suggestions: You can go to the park, look at books, dance to music, cut & glue, have her help with dinner, watch a movie she likes, or even play toy soldiers. Chances are, because she's your little princess, she'll be perfectly happy just to be doing something...anything with you as long as she's getting your attention, love and affection. Remember, the relationship between a father and a daughter is very special! That's why she's "daddy's little girl".

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