Giving Young Children Holiday Gifts

Published 06 December 09 04:42 PM | RebeccaL

It's that time of year again. The time when we wait on long lines, fight crowds and we search and search for the perfect gift. When it comes to buying gifts for toddlers it may be easier than you think. Whether you are buying for your own children, a friend's child or your nieces and nephews sometimes less can really be more. Sounds a little crazy I know, but I've seen it for myself! Children who are 2, 3 and even 4 are fairly easy to please. Sometimes something as simple as stickers and a coloring book can keep them happy for hours. Other choices include: Playdoh, Mr. Potato Head accessories, pinwheels, trucks, cars and fun bathtime toys like bathtub paints or a basketball hoop for the tub can be the perfect gift.

 Many times these simple gifts are the ones that the kids love and use over and over. Also, keep in mind how many gifts these children are probably getting. They get presents from their own parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts and other friends and family so they will already be overwhelmed by the amount of gifts that you really don't need to stress over the one you get. This is not to say you shouldn't put any thought into what s/he may like, but there is no need to spend hours in agony over what to buy. Think about the child's interests and buy one or two simple and fun items that s/he can enjoy using and voilĂ  you are done! So whether you are shopping in the stores or online, keep simplicity in mind and you may be able to have some fun in picking out these things that may bring us back to our childhood days when life was so much easier. Happy Shopping!

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