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Different Pregnancy Stages

The Three Trimesters Leading to Motherhood

The blissful nine months that leads to motherhood can be grouped into three pregnancy stages. The development of the child growing up in the womb is generally divided into three trimesters. Each trimester is a period of three months covering the total nine months. The three stages help us to understand the development of the fetus as well as the bodily changes and sufferings that is experienced by the mother.

The first three months of pregnancy defines the first trimester. The fetus starts to grow very fast during the first trimester. Most of the organs develop during the first twelve weeks. The pregnant woman may suffer from pregnancy symptoms like implantation symptoms or cramping. Cramping is harmless if there is no bleeding. She may feel tired and exhausted. She may also suffer from morning sickness though some do not experience it. Multivitamins should be taken under medical guidance. The placenta also develops in this stage. It is responsible for carrying nutrients and oxygen to the fetus. It also removes the wastes from the embryo. Of the other pregnancy stages much care should be taken during this time as miscarriages occur more often.

The fourth to sixth month is considered the second trimester. The pregnancy symptoms such as morning sickness or nausea go away. The movement of the baby can be felt from the 20th week. The placenta starts to function fully and the fetus can be differentiated as a boy or girl. The pregnant woman becomes more energetic in this trimester and starts to gain weight. The uterus enlarges to 20 times its normal size. This is the most enjoyable time among the other pregnancy stages.

The third or final trimester is the period from the 7th month till the baby is born. The fetus starts to move very fast in this stage. The pregnant woman gains most of the weight now. The abdomen starts to drop downward as the baby starts to take the downward position readying itself for birth. The fetus starts to grow very quickly. Each day it grows up to 8 gram. This stage of pregnancy can be really painful as the pregnant woman may suffer from back ache and may sometimes fail to control bladder. The fetus starts to roll at this stage. It results in severe pain in the back especially.

The three different pregnancy stages help us to know about the fetal development, the diet requirement, the bodily changes and the uneasiness that a would-be mother and her baby undergoes during this period of nine months. This division generally helps in grouping this period more specifically.

Published Dec 26 2011, 09:06 PM by pregnancyresources
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