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Diseases Pertaining to Dietary Insufficiency

For any living being, adequate food is very important for a normal development and life. Our body is a very complicated one which carries on too many functions. To keep going, it requires charge up that is comprised of iron, calcium, vitamins, carbohydrates, etc. Many vital nutrients present in the food help us arise and live a sound regime. We  to satisfy our body’s routine expectations. All the nutrients are required in particular quantities on routine basis. If the needs are not satisfied, the body expresses the lack through certain warning signs. These symptoms take over the form of ailment, which we call as deficiency diseases.

Deficiency diseases can cause numerous health problems. The deficiency of proteins causes ailments like kwashiorkor and marasmus among children. Such children may even lose out to mental retardation. Calcium deficiency causes rickets among children and osteomalacia among adults. Iron inadequateness causes anemia and paleness in the body. Those who are undernourished and don’t get enough of zinc from the food, have disabled growth. Vitamin B, when is not given in sufficient amounts, results in beriberi. Vitamin B3 inadequacy leads to pellagra. inadequacy of vitamin C in the body/system, leads to scurvy. All these nutrients are very vital as they keep us stay fine in life.

To keep these deficiency diseases at distance, one should have a balanced diet. Even too much of quantity of these nutrients may take heavy toll on one’s well-being. Therefore, a sufficient amount of everything should compose our routine diet. Also one should confirm that proper hygiene is maintained while working in the kitchen. Only genuine brand of food products are be bought. These days, impure food stuff are available in abundance therefore, one should make best efforts in identifying them as they may lead to food poisoning. Even a bit of such food may cause bad infections. A adequate diet comprising of foods that are cooked under maintained cleanliness can nourish you the way that you may need no alternatives at all.

Insufficiency Disorders are caused because of insufficiency any of the nutrients. The problem can be taken care  by means of a well-planned balanced diet.For serious cases, you can opt for nutritional supplements.
Published Aug 11 2010, 07:03 PM by pregnancyresources
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