Learn How To Invest Using "Virtual" Money

Published Wednesday, October 12, 2011 5:16 PM

I am way behind the eight ball when it comes to investing. I haven't begun to learn the slightest thing about how to get my money to work for me and I thought it was about time that I look into learning more about that.

As I was researching different advice from financial experts, I came across an idea I hadn't heard of before. The article highlights using fake money to learn how to invest! This is perfect for someone like me who doesn't have money to lose trying to figure out investing on my own. This is not something that was done in the past by my family (other than 401K savings) so it's time I break the mold.

There are sites and games available that actually simulate stock. They will help you to learn how to invest and what types of stock would work best for you, based on your habits. It helps you to figure out what risks you are willing to take.

Investopedia.com offers a free investing tool to learn. I haven't started using it just yet, but definitely wanted to share this with my readers. Happy Investing!

by parker
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