Don’t You Hate It When…

Published Friday, May 14, 2010 3:43 PM
1) You know news is happening in your area and you can’t find out what is going on;

2) A cardinal is attacking your car mirrors and it takes you a month to figure out what you can use to cover them and keep the bird from crapping on your car;

3) You are looking all over for your sunglasses before you get in the car and they are on your head;

4) You run all your errands and then realize you forgot the most important one when you get back;

5) You eat your lunch and find that you are still hungry and have nothing nearby to eat;

6) You print 60 copies of a document, only to find that the margins are wrong and the copies are no good;

7) All of this happens on the same day!

Have a good weekend, mine can’t get any worse.

by parker
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