It’s About Time!

Published Friday, August 28, 2009 11:17 AM

I am not the type to poke fun at people, so please don’t take this post that way, but we have had a 55 year old male bicyclist that has been riding around Tallahassee for quite some time who has locally earned the name “Speedo Man”, because he rides in just a thong and he drives me absolutely insane! He apparently isn’t trying to offend anyone, riding his bike with no clothes on is just what he does. But come on…not everyone wants to see that! I didn’t even realize how popular he was and how long he had been around until I saw a news story about him. He has recently been arrested in violation of a city ordinance banning nudity in public and I must say, IT’S ABOUT TIME. They probably can’t hold him for long, and he apparently has more fans than not, but I don’t feel that I should have to be “exposed” to a person who shows up all over town with no clothes on. When you go to the beach, you expect thongs and bikinis. Not in the parking lot of the gym or at the grocery store or driving down a busy road! According to one of the local news stations, the recent arrest was prompted by an incident in which this man exposed himself to a business manager. I know he will probably be back out there soon, but now I know more about his story.

by parker
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