Would You Accidentally Run Over Your Own Family?

Published Friday, July 10, 2009 9:59 AM
When I saw the headline for this story, it immediately caught my attention. Before looking into the entire story,  I had to wonder - Who could run over their family? Was it intentional? What were the circumstances? Would you accidentally run over your own family? Well, the details were much different than I had expected.

This is the story of a young family in Michigan. It took place yesterday at a state park. A 27 year old man actually ran over the tent that his family slept in while his wife and two small children were still in it! The family was camping outside at the state park. The man woke up quite cold at some point and needed to warm himself up, so he got in his SUV early yesterday morning and turned it on to run the heater. He fell asleep behind the wheel and the vehicle somehow went into gear and rolled forward over the tent. Let me clearly state that this was an accident, but wow, can you imagine how he must have felt at that moment? Waking up and realizing that he had just run over the tent where his wife and two young children are located?

The man’s wife and 2 year old daughter did not sustain any serious injuries, however, their 5 year old son was flown to a hospital in Grand Rapids with critical injuries. Hopefully, he will recover and be just fine.

It has been reported that this family has been camping at the state park since late June. This young father is an unemployed Iraq veteran and the family is homeless. To make the situation worse, protective services is investigating whether to take the children from this family due to the fact that they are currently residing outdoors, which is not appropriate.

I do hope that now this has made the national news someone, somewhere can help this poor family find shelter and stay together. What a tragedy!

by parker
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