How To Pack An Item To Be Returned

Published Thursday, June 4, 2009 9:44 AM

Have you ever purchased an item, either from the store directly or online and taken it out of the box only to realize that at some point you are going to have to return it in the original packaging? Well, I just figured out that they have you do that to deter you from returning the item in the first place. Shoot, you need some sort of manual to tell you exactly how they packed this stuff in the original packaging in the first place! I think this goes for just about everything, but today, I am griping about DISHES. Yes, I bought dishes online and it was a dumb idea because they were broken during shipping (go figure). I called the store to see how to have 2 of 16 pieces that were broken replaced, and they said to return the entire set, to the local store in the “original packaging.”  That’s right, the entire set. They can’t just replace the 2 broken pieces. What! Your shipping department has this stuff down to a science. The consumer has no clue how you got all of that into the box along with the neat little cardboard pieces that come with it. I sit here looking at all of this and saying to myself “the local store will have to pack it, I’ll just bring it back in the box it was shipped in. That is just stage 1. Once I return it to the store and they credit it, I have to have them SHIP another box to get the set replaced. What’s the point! I think we’ll just go for a “credit and forget it”! I’ve learned my lesson.

by parker
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