The Fair Is Here

Published Thursday, November 6, 2008 3:44 PM
Well, it is that time of year in our area for the fair. The fair is so much fun for small cities and towns that don’t have much to do. Several different rides to enjoy and so much junk food you can hardly contain yourself. I will be taking my children to the fair this year for fun and food and I hope that the weather will be favorable for it. We had a cold spell come through last week, but it seems that things have warmed back up to the nice fall weather we love in this area. Mildly cool mornings with nice, sunny and warm afternoons.

It is kind of funny that although I have one daughter who would love to see all of the animal exhibits, my oldest daughter would prefer to stay away because of their unpleasant scent. Oh well, we’ll figure out a way to please them both.


by parker
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