Criminal Sentenced To Wear "I Was Stupid" Sign

Published Tuesday, October 14, 2008 3:52 PM

A young man who crashed his car into a closed gate at a water treatment plant earlier this year, was found guilty of criminal charges. The judge in the case, gave the accused a choice in the type of sentence he would serve for the crime: either go to jail and serve time or hold a sign that says “I was stupid.” The man chose the latter and has to hold this sign to show his “stupidity.” Amazingly, it has been reported that this same judge gives these choices to many who come before him in his courtroom, however, many pass on the “alternative” and prefer to save themselves the embarrassment and serve the jail time.

The judge’s outlook on the alternative signs is that he is saving the system money by keeping non-violent criminals out of jail and humiliating them publicly at the same time. It is supposed to not only embarrass the criminal, but keep others from committing the same type of crime, knowing that they might be publicly embarrassed someday. The “sign” has to fit the “crime” and are optional. His decision has reportedly never been appealed.

I have many follow up questions for this story:
1) How is this sentence enforced? How do they know that the criminal is actually displaying this sign at all times?
2) How long does the offender have to wear the sign? For the entire term that they would have been sentenced?
3) Are they really that embarrassed after what they did to have to wear the sign in the first place, or are they just glad that they got off not having to serve the jail time?


by parker
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