Learning to Read

Published Friday, October 3, 2008 12:22 PM

It is so exciting to go through your children’s “firsts” when they get to certain points in their lives. Their first smile, first crawl, first word, first step, etc. Well, we are five years into the life of our youngest daughter and doing more homework with her for kindergarten than with our older daughter for fourth grade. My life has seemed to be such chaos lately, trying to balance work and home. I guess it is because we are now doing homework times 2 and that is a lot of work! The girls have an unexpected day off from school on Oct 17th and that is the equivalent of a day off for us too!

Anyway, the other night we were reading small booklets that help teach phonics skills and my little one read a whole sentence by herself! We were so proud of her. I know that is not a big deal to the rest of the world, but this was just amazing progress. Especially since the goal is that she will be doing this by the end of the school year. It is so nice to see them “get it” when you are trying to teach them a new concept. And I she couldn’t contain her excitement. She feels like she is catching up to her big sister now.

We really look forward to seeing her be able to actually read her books by the time the summer arrives. Once she can read, it opens up a whole new world of learning to her that she can explore on her own.

by parker
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