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14 creative – yet cheap – ways to say 'I love you' this Valentine's Day

So you've got a special someone you want to plan a special something for this Valentine's Day. You've got a lot of love and ambition. But what you don't have a lot of is money. So what do you do? How do you plan a romantic Valentine's celebration on the cheap – without looking cheap?

Here are 14 ideas of things you could do that cost little to nothing. 

• Have an indoor picnic or in your backyard. Share finger foods and favorite treats, and maybe a bottle of wine. 

• Buy a small, decorative jar or basket, or create your own container, and fill it with love notes written on small pieces of paper. Make enough to last until next Valentine's Day and you'll earn extra points.

• Do something for your love that he/she hates doing. Fill up the gas tank, rake the yard, unload the dishwasher…whatever. Be creative.

• Cook his/her favorite dinner, or serve his/her favorite breakfast in bed.

• Do an at-home spa date, complete with candles, bubble bath, facial mask and scrub. 

• Have a movie night, complete with popcorn and romantic flick.

• Hide love notes for your love for him/her to find throughout the day. You can use sticky notes or make your own heart-shaped notepaper.

• Plan a chocolate tour in your hometown. Go to a local sweets shop and ask for a tour, then go to your love's favorite restaurant or bakery and have a chocolate dessert, then go home to a cup of hot chocolate.

• Write a love note on the bathroom mirror while he/she is in the shower.

• Write love notes and tie them to helium balloons, and then place them all along the path he/she takes to work or when he/she goes for a walk.

• Plan a scavenger hunt. Write clues and put them in envelopes, then place them around town. 

• Repeat your first date, down to the last detail, if possible. 

• Make a coupon book for him/her, and fill it with redeemable coupons for free kisses, hugs, hand-holding, massages, etc. Get as creative or naughty as you want.

• Create a calendar or small photo album that tells the story of you as a couple. 

Published Feb 09 2012, 11:54 AM by moneycoach
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