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Our small business start up adventure continues …

It really is quite amazing (everyone tells us so) just how much we've accomplished in the 21 days since we took the frightening step of signing a 6-month lease on a 1200-foot retail sales space and committed the majority of our tax refund money to starting a small business! Our plan was to set everything up and hope to be open for business by March 1st.

In the past three weeks, we have managed to purchase, paint and set up all of the seven-foot tall, double sided shelving units that we purchased used – giving us lots of space to display the various items we have for sale. We obtained the necessary business license and sales tax number. A glass display cabinet was found, which needed some repair to serve as our cash register counter and bought a clearance cash register (and figured out how to work it!), found places for the eight tables we have! We met our neighbors, small shop owners that sell everything from antiques to eclectic, vintage clothing, one who sells beads and the materials to make your own jewelry and many others. Oh yes – we took out an ad in the local merchants' newspaper as well – now it really seems official!

Several hundred cases of accumulated inventory was trucked in, sorted, priced (mostly) and placed on display and we opened for business four days ago (February 20)! Certainly not the GRAND opening we envisioned, with boxes cluttering the back of the store and about 40 boxes of inventory that remains stacked on tables in our back room, unopened. We don't yet have our window sign, the telephone service is waiting to be installed and we can't yet take credit card payments … but the store is OPEN FOR BUSINESS!

What a relief! We decided, after being told by several of our small business neighbors, that we should stick an open sign in the window whenever we were in the store, even as we are organizing and setting up, since the shop “browsers” (especially on the weekends) would then come in search of bargains! The store generated sales of $200 in two days on a weekend that we are told was unusually slow!

We still have a few things to accomplish … I have to finish the web page for the store, paint and hang a sign in the window, get the telephone and credit card services working … and clean, sort and organize a lot more!

But it feels like success …

We opened for business, and the customers came in ...

And bought things …

(I'll keep you posted on our small business adventure as it continues!)
Published Feb 23 2010, 04:36 AM by moneycoach
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