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Oh yeah, I passed!

I had meant to make a big announcement, but I just totally forgot about it...I found out a few days ago that I passed by graduate proficiency examination in French! Believe me, this is totally a big deal, because it's one of the big things on the list that I need to cross off before I can get my degree from Indiana University. You probably remember me talking about all the language requirements and proficiencies that the departments requires in order to succeed here at IU from one of my posts from last week. Since I'm going to be getting my Masters degree in Linguistics along the way while I'm here at IU, this French proficiency was also a very big deal. Even though I've only been at this school for less than a year, I'm already pretty much done with all but one of the MA level requirements. I need to finish up phonetics this semester and then take historical linguistics in the Fall semester of this year, and then I'll be done will all the MA things. I have to apply for my status change into the PhD program this Fall as well, so I can't technically receive my Masters degree until I have all the proper paperwork done so that it says PhD on my files for the department. It's a really strange system, but waiting a year for the status change is a necessary evil I suppose. It makes life very stressful for the first year of being here, because all the first years are striving and struggling to get perfect grades, get to know the professors, start thinking about research, and oh yeah...also trying to have a life too.

But anyways, I guess that that is my big announcement...hooray for me, I passed my exam. It's just one less thing on the list to worry about, especially this semester with all the things that I have to accomplish. I was just talking today to one of my colleagues in the department and discussing the many many differences between this semester and the last. This semester is all about papers and projects, whereas last semester was all about homework and quizzes. I have a semantics presentation and project to get working on about indirect speech acts. I have a phonetics project and paper to get working on about the differences between mid vowels in Bambara, and I've got tons of things to do for Bambara and my social seminar on politics and jurisprudence in language in Africa. I can barely believe I still have the time to keep this blog going!

Published Jan 21 2007, 01:31 AM by christophergreen
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