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Celebrating with the linguists

Last night, all of the first year linguistics students took me and my fellow colleague Jason out in celebration of our birthdays. Of course, my actual birthday was yesterday, but Jason's was back in December, and with final's and winter break and all that, it was best to celebrate both our birthdays together. We really had a great time heading out to our best local pizza joint and having some dinner and just chatting. We all realized that we will rely a lot more on these monthly get-togethers in order to see each other and to keep up on what everyone is doing, because we aren't all in the same classes anymore this semester. Some of us see each other once or twice a week, but there are others who we never get to see. We all used to at least have phonology class together, and then most of us had syntax last semester. However, this semester, several out of the bunch are not taking the phonetics core requirement, and there are only three of us taking semantics. Everyone else has split up in order to take elective classes outside of our core requirements. Of course it's great that everyone is getting the opportunity to take classes that they really are interested in, but it's pretty sad that we all rarely get to see one another.

After going to Mother Bear's for pizza, I was surprised to walk into a bar down the street to get a birthday drink and find a bunch of my other non-linguistics friends there to celebrate with me. Thanks to the sneaky nature of my roommate Michael, he arranged to have everyone meet to hang out and have drinks for my birthday. I was really surprised and very happy to have all my new Bloomington friends there for my birthday. We had good drinks, great desserts, and I even got some really cool gifts. My birthday celebration will continue tomorrow evening, as I've been told that I'm being treated to a delicious dinner at one of our fancy Italian restaurants here in town. I can't wait! Thank you to all of you for making my first birthday here in Bloomington a lot of fun!

Published Jan 15 2007, 02:46 PM by christophergreen
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