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A split day

My day today was officially split between things that I did not want to do and things that I didn't mind doing at all. Let me explain...

My day not begin as any typical Thursday for this Spring semester will begin. Normally, I will be getting up early early and heading to Bambara class for 8am. Don't even get me started on the annoying task of having to deal with a particular classmate who thinks that the world revolves around her so that we only have very limited opportunities for class meeting times...hence 8am on a Thursday. Anyways, after Bambara, sometimes (at least seven times this semester) I will be heading over to sociolinguistics seminar for the "discussion section" of the class. Today, I did neither of these things. Instead, I talked my roommate into getting up extra early before going to work and driving me across town to my doctor's appointment, at which I waited about five times longer in the waiting room than I actually had with the doctor. He looked at my incision and said that there was no sign of infection or complications and then told me to return in a week to have my staples removed. Well, if I knew that it was going to have been that quick, I would have called the cab when I got to the office to come pick me up. So, I ended waiting twenty minutes to a cab and then paying almost seven dollars to get carted about fifteen blocks.

Having received the clearance from my doctor to eat whatever I wanted to and drive, I immediately hopped in my car and ran some long-awaited errands and then hit up Taco Bell for a crunch wrap supreme. I still had plenty of time to make it up to campus to run some various errands there, check in at the linguistics department and let everyone know that I'm back, and then head to phonetics lab. Phonetics lab ended up being one of the most painful ninety minute class sessions that I have ever attended...undergrad, postbac, or was rough! I won't get into details though, just know that it was not a difficult class, just a painfully boring and inane one. After phonetics lab, I scooted over a few buildings to attend semantics class. First impression...yikes...but I'm going to keep an open mind. The majority of the people in the class are not individuals that I would a) even assume to be linguists b) even probably speak to c) want to be left alone in a dark enclosed space with. Scary scary scary. I sat up front with the people I knew from elsewhere in the department, and I'm just going to do my best not to turn around for the whole semester.

So, I guess that means that I have successfully made it through my second quasi-full day of classes, and things are going quite well. I have lots and lots of work to do this weekend, so luckily it's an extended one. It's also my birthday weekend, where I will be turning the big 2-6. That's right, I've passed the quarter century mark, and I am now officially old.

Published Jan 11 2007, 03:47 PM by christophergreen
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