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Blessings in disguise

I'm going to have to take back all the bad thoughts that I was having about the registration process here at IU. This school has really got it together when it comes to how to deal with students, both new and old. As you all know, I finally registered for my classes yesterday, and as a result, the money that was supposed to be coming to me in the form of financial aid started to be processed. We all know that that is a very very good thing! Something showed up in my bursar account that I did not expect though. After I had registered for classes, something called a FLAS fee remission all the sudden showed up for this semester and for the spring. Being not quite sure what it was all about, I called the bursars office and asked one of their helpful people what it was all about. She explained to me that, since I was the recipient of the FLAS, the money that was in my financial aid profile previously was a stipdent(!!!) and not my total amount that I would be getting from the African Studies department. It took me a moment, but it finally clicked...the FLAS fee remission was them paying for my classes and fees and that other money really is a stipend! What an amazing turn of events! The woman at the bursars office instructed me to contact financial aid, because I now have an unnecessary loan that is going to be credited to my account. The moral of the story is...I'm going to school for free! I don't know if I'm just stupid and didn't read the fine print, but I don't recall ever reading about getting a stipend before. But lo and behold, I went to the African Studies page and read about the FLAS fellowships, and there it is...plain as day...fee remission, tuition, insurance, and a stipend. I'm now all the more excited about starting classes next week. I have to admit that I'm sort of in shock about it. It's dumbfounding to have a large sum of money unexpectedly thrown in your lap, but I'm not going to look a gift horse in the mouth!
Published Aug 22 2006, 03:10 PM by christophergreen
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