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Accutane (Isotretinoin)

Accutane is an effective drug used in the treating acne, primarily in adolescents. It is manufactured by Hoffman-LaRoche.

This medication has been linked to the onset of Crohn's Disease, ischemic or ulcerative colitis, and auto immune disorders. Persons with inflammatory bowel disease have a significantly higher risk of colon cancer than persons not using the medication. Also, Hoffman-LaRoche has notified physicians that the drug may cause depression and/or psychosis up to and in some cases including suicide. The FDA has also warned doctors to watch their patients on the medications for signs of depression.

In May 2999, Congressman Bart Stupak’s 17-year-old son committed suicide. Stupak thinks his son’s suicide may be linked to his use of Accutane. "We are up over 100 reports, that's just what is coming in to us, so I believe there are probably over a thousand cases," Stupak said. "The average time is 88 days from when you start taking it, and the effect is very sudden.... You are doing strange things at 3 a.m. and you are dead at 7 a.m."

FDA announced in 2001 that new warning labels and consent forms would be required for Accutane users. The form warns patients to watch for signs of depression, including but not limited to feelings of sadness, irritability, feeling unusually tired, loss of appetite, trouble concentrating, thoughts of hurting themselves or suicidal thoughts.

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