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Comcast phishing scam seeking victims

According to reports, a new phishing scam is targeting Comcast XFINITY cable Internet subscribers. 

The email reads: "Dear Comcast Customer, The Constant Guard service has updated the Online Security of Comcast Users. To link your account to our new update you just need to re-login your account using the secure link bellow. The link will redirect you to our update login page. Simply login your account and the account will automaticly be updated."

The link points to a TinyURL which redirected victims to a compromised higher education institution website in India. It appears to have been compromised through vulnerable FrontPage server extensions.

The fake page is an identical copy of the real Comcast XFINITY login page, and even includes a fully functional TRUSTe logo, to fool victims into thinking the site is secure. 

Your response to this should be to call Comcast first and ask questions. Find out if it's legit. A huge clue in this scam that it's a fake is the misspelled words, which are common in phishing attempts.

Published May 24 2012, 01:58 PM by IdentityTheft
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