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Teach your teens to be safe when using digital devices

Want to get the attention of your teen? You're going to have to text or e-mail her. Digital communication is a huge part of every teen's life these days.

In the early days, if you used the term digital communication, you meant the Internet. These days, this could mean any number of things, including tablets and smart phones. If you have teens in your home, you can actually use digital communications to help keep them safe. 

• Tell your teen to carry her phone everywhere. This is especially important when she's driving, so that if there are any car problems, she can call you or emergency services right away.

• Program emergency numbers into your teen's phone, like the police and fire departments, as well as emergency car service.  You can also plug in the number for campus escort services, as well as the campus police, if your teen is in college.

• On your computers at home, including your teen's, make sure you block websites that contain inappropriate content. 

• Help your teens learn to use their computers and smart phones in a safe way. Teach them to keep their personal information, like address, phone number and other personal information, off the web, and explain how important it is to keep this information off of social media sites. 

• If your teen has a profile on a social media site, make sure the profile is listed as private, and that the privacy settings are as high as possible.

Published Jul 05 2011, 11:08 AM by IdentityTheft
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