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Network Solutions data breach: 573,000 online business owners and their customers to be notified of hacking

If Network Solutions registered your domain name, hosted your website or processed the credit card payments from your online business, bad news might be coming your way--Network Solutions is sending out 573,000 data breach notifications this week.

Hackers broke into the company’s web servers and delivered malware that copied transactions that took place from March 12 to June 8, 2009. Personal and financial information was stolen, including the credit and debit card account numbers from customers who made online purchases from any of the websites Network Solutions hosts.

To their credit, Network Solutions is “doing the right thing” in response to the data breach. Rather than leaving the expense and burden of notification to each of the small business owners, Network Solutions is sending the notices to consumers themselves via U.S. mail and email.

“We feel terribly about it to burden them with the notification process, which can be kind of tricky because there is no one federal data breach statute,” Network Solutions spokeswoman Susan Wade said.

So far, 45 states and the District of Columbia have passed legislation that requires businesses and government entities to notify consumers if their personal or financial information was exposed or compromised in a data breach.

The company is also offering to pay for 12 months of credit monitoring service through TransUnion for anyone whose personal or financial information was compromised because of the data breach.

Network Solutions is cooperating with federal law enforcement and a commercial data breach forensics team in their ongoing investigation to determine the source of the attack and the security weakness that allowed it.

Published Jul 27 2009, 04:41 PM by IdentityTheft
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