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Grey's Anatomy Music : Season 3, Episode 14

Grey's Anatomy Music : Season 3, Episode 14 Wishin' and Hopin' The song plays as Izzie and Bailey look onto their new "Denny Duquette Memorial" clinic. Cristina considers her ring. Meredith prepares to speak with her mother. Sybarite - Runaway (featuring Psapp)  The song plays as Izzie and Alex offer a patient a free consultation. Ellis and Cristina talk about Meredith. Beck - Elevator Music The song plays as Vincent learns about his girlfriend. Cristina begs to be included in a surgery. Meredith warns Derek about her mother but Derek talks to Ellis anyway. Miho Hatori - Barracuda The song plays as Meredith talks with Richard about life and change. Iain Archer - Canal Song The song plays as Richard and Ellis talk about Meredith and their past relationship. Susanna & The Magical Orchestra - Believer The song plays as Cristina and Burke share a moment. The Whitest Boy Alive - Fireworks 
Published Feb 09 2007, 02:37 PM by greysanatomy
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