Bullet Counter - Just like a Video game!

Published Monday, January 31, 2011 1:28 PM

I love little toys and gadgets but I also love video games and guns. This product, which according to the video's description is going to go into production at some point, allows you to keep track of how many bullets are left in using a digital display.

The little box is basically a micro controller that has an accelerometer in it. When a shot is fired it measures the recoil and if it's over 22.5g it's registered as a shot. The counter then times out to prevent secondary vibrations from being counted as a shot. It's a pretty interesting device and could come in handy. Though to be useful in the field it would need to auto-reset after a reload which I'm not sure it can do.

The maker of this product has said there was a patent out for something like this, but it has since expired and is now in the public domain. He is currently working on a website and is going to produce the product as soon as he irons everything out.

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