Back to the Future Mr. Fusion Krups Coffee Grinder

Published Wednesday, October 27, 2010 1:47 PM

Since October is the 25 anniversary of "Back to the Future" I thought I would feature this $150 Krups coffee grinder! Why you might ask? Well it's a well known fact that the Mr. Fusion nuclear fusion generator seen in the Back to the Future movies was build around a old Krups coffee grinder. This coffee grinder to be exact. It was available from 1970 - 1980s and apparently makes for a great nuclear fusion generator. If you are a true movie buff or simply a big fan of Back to the Future like I am then you already knew that, but did you know you can purchase the original Krups coffee grinder off Ebay for the ridiculous amount of $150 bucks! No, Well you can, not sure I would be willing to put down the cash for that but someone will I'm sure. Oh and the guy selling them is in Germany so the shipping cost about $43 to get it to me here in the states.

$150 Krups Back to the Future Coffee Grinder
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